Novar Technologies

We are constantly developing new technologies to improve your vision

Continuum Design Technology

Continuum Design Technology is Novar's main technology. It is based on a modern mathematical model that takes into account the entire surface of the lens (with infinite point files). This quadruples the density of points on the optical surface (4K lens). This technology went through 6 years of R & D and is capable of not only preventing the interpolation process but improving overall surface lens design.

Wear Fit

Technology for producing custom made lenses based on mathematical algorithms that take into account the position of wear (POW) of every single eyeglass wearer. The interpupillary distance (IPD), Wrap angle (ZTILT),vertex distance (BVD) and pantoscopic tilt (PANTO) are entered into the calculation process to produce lenses totally individualized


CONTINUUM DESIGN TECHNOLOGY allows us to produce lenses with up to 4 times more resolution than other Freeform technology lenses. Like 4K screens, the greater the number of pixel rows and pixel columns (Sagitta information), the greater the image resolution.

Blending Technology

Technology developed to optimize the thickness and weight of strong eyeglass prescriptions either for near or farsightedness. This technology is available for progressives, bifocals and monofocals.